Predictive Analysis

Instant approved transactions

We leverage a private Blockchain solution in order to validate all transactions the fastest way.

Document Classification

Data protection

Our top priority is the security and safety of the data. The participants to the network are other universities and verified peers.

Application Development


Each diploma can only be added by the university and the transaction is validated by the other participants in the organization.

Successful marketing

Quick verification

Employees solicit school transcripts and diploma certificates when they are getting hired. This process can be completed on our platform by the employer.

Your trusted platform in storing diplomas

By leveraging a HyperLedger Fabric solution and a distributed database solution, we are planning to offer the easiest and quickest method of validating a student's diploma. The fake diploma industry is evaluated at over 1 billion dollars. A person holding a fake degree is a real threat to the company that he is working for and to society.

  • Data protection complaint
  • Safe & Reliable
  • Increased security
  • No transaction fees
  • Free service for universities
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Professional approach

We're here to help you

Our service will be free for universities and students.

How can we achieve this?

We tried to come with a simple process where the diplomas can be added and verified. Companies can verify and find the best graduates.

A university joins the network and receives a certificate.

The university adds the diploma.

The diploma is added to the network.

A company can then verify the diploma by using the unique ID.

Our Team

Business man

Ghinea Alexandru

Alex is a tech and blockchain enthusiast. Holding a B.Eng from the University of Bucharest he has worked as a DevOps engineer at Finastra, Quantitative Researcher at WorldQuant and Technical Engineer at Microsoft.

Ruby on Rails XD

Savu Liviu

Liviu is a student at the University of Bucharest. He has worked as a Software Engineer for GS1 while pursuing his B.Sc. He is always coding and looking for the next new technology that can revolutionize the industry.