5 advantages for HyperLedger

1. Clear identity in the network

HyperLedger Fabric is a framework where all participants have known identities. Many industries like the financial sector or healthcare industry are subject to data protection laws and they require to know who can access the information.

2. Performance and scalability

Hyperledger Fabric is built on a modular architecture that separates transaction processing into three phases:

  • distributed logic processing and agreement
  • transaction ordering
  • transaction validation and commitment

Because only the signatures and read/write set are being sent around the network with the new architecture, the scalability and performance are improved.

HyperLedger Fabric can scale up to 20.000 transactions per second.

3. Improved security

The security is greatly improved compared to a classic public Blockchain solution because only the participants on the network are able to see the transactions and create them.

4. Data on a need-to-know basis

Businesses have protection laws and regulations. Confidentiality of personal data dictate the need for privacy of certain data elements. This can be achieved through data partitioning on the blockchain. Channels, supported in Hyperledger Fabric, allow for data to go to only the parties that need to know.

5. Protection of digital keys and sensitive data

SM (Hardware Security Module) support is vital for safeguarding and managing digital keys for strong authentication. Hyperledger Fabric provides modified and unmodified PKCS11 for key generation, which supports cases like identity management that need more protection.